SILENTEL Hosted Subscription - 1 Year

User license of the Silentel client application for 1 year.

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Voice calls

Enables voice communication between two participants (similar to a standard telephone call) in a special, secured mode.


Text messages

Enables to send text messages with encrypted content, remaining confidential with the exemption of sender and receiver.


File transfer

Enables any file with any size to be sent with encrypted content.

In addition to sending standard documents and files Silentel client application offers to take a picture or video (using camera), record an audio and send it as a file to any recipient in an easy and simple way.


Chat conference

Secure chat conferences between two or more participants.

Users in the chat are able to transfer encrypted instant text messages (chat), images, audio, video and all other types of files.


SMS notifications

SMS notifications provide alerts about missed Silentel calls and received messages (via standard GSM SMS in clear) when user is not available on Silentel.