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Ardaco, a.s. is an innovative leader in the area of Information/Communication Technology and Information security. Ardaco provides, its own developed, fully scalable Silentel® platforms for secure mobile communication including voice, data communication and messaging. In addition Ardaco provides full range of its own developed products in the area of electronic signature, including Qualified Electronic Signature QSign™ (certified by National Security Agency), QSign™ archive, QSign™ e-invoice, QSign™ e-registry, all for secure and cost effective handling of electronic documents. Individuals, organizations and companies can reliably protect and secure their communication and information with full range of Silentel® and QSign™ products.

The company was founded in 1996 by a group of technical experts and in the coming years pioneered several new technologies, including patented Electronic Paper Protection Technology (PDMark®), Qualifed Electronic Signature Solutions (QSign™) and secure voice communication system for mobile smartphones Silentel® CSD (known also as SecureCall™). In 2008, as one of the first companies worldwide, Ardaco created a new IP based product package for secure voice/data communication and messaging called Silentel® IP (known also as TeamTalk™). In 2010 Ardaco pioneered a new secure messaging system for mobile communication and world most innovative and economical mobile communication solutions for military, police, crises management organisations, integrating Team Talk with typical military or police existing infrastructures such as radios, satellite communication and private communication systems.

Ardaco has its customers and partners in over 20 countries worldwide, including Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.