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QSign Desktop PLUS - 1 year license

Software license for 1 computer with a validity period of 365 days from its activation. License enables BATCH signing of electronic documents using a qualified electronic signature in the QSign 6 client application.

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90,00 € tax incl.

75,00 € tax excl.

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Software license as a product key, which allows you BATCH signing electronic documents using qualified electronic signature (QES) in the client application QSign 6. QES signatures are being created in accordance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic and Regulation eIDAS.

One license is intended only for one personal computer and it is time-limited.

The license can be transferred to another computer once a year during the license's validity period.

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The batch signing function CANNOT be fully used with the eID chip card (electronic identity card) and the Monet+ ProID+Q chip card, but only with a device that does not require entering a secondary PIN code or allows it to be memorized. Otherwise, you will have to enter the secondary PIN when signing each document from the signed batch.

We recommend using mobile signing, which enables batch signing many times faster than when using a chip card.